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Data Center Training and Professional Development


To meet the expanding data center industry demand for skilled mission critical professionals North American Access Technologies (NAAT) is authorized to provide the US Department of Energy Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) training in the United States.
Unlike other Data Center training offerings, the DCEP certificate is the only one issued under the US Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Management Program, in conjunction with a training program developed by Lawrence Berkley National Labs (LBNL).


2018 New York City: February - March

DCEP Generalist - February 27:
1 day course providing a high-level view of different IT and support systems in data centers.
Cost $1,175.00 (includes exam)

DCEP Specialist- February 28 - March 1:
2 day course which is an in-depth review of HVAC/mechanical systems in data centers.

Cost $2,175.00 (includes exam)

February 27 - March 1:

DCEP Generalist + Specialist 3 day Package - Cost $2,900.00 (includes exam)



More 2018 classes will be posted shortly

Washington, DC and other cites

Corporate on-site classes are available upon request

For more information or to register please email:

or call 914-747-9703